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One-on-One ADHD  specialised coaching that is client driven, confidential and personalised to your specific needs.  Sessions are for 1 hour and can be either inperson from our consulting room in Castlemaine or via Zoom

Professional development sessions for teachers, other professionals and organisations that work with children or adults affected by ADHD. Session currently available- ​ ADHD - an Introduction   Executive Functioning - how it relates and is impacted by ADHD. Recognising ADHD in Women & Girls Bringing out the Best in ADHD Students  ​ I can also work with you to tailor a session specific to your needs. ​

A free 30 minute chat, by phone or Zoom, to find out more about coaching, what you would like from coaching and if we can meet your needs.  

Esther B

'I find it reassuring that Sally understands and supports in such a gentle, encouraging and motivating way. She helps me understand ADHD and how it effects my life by listening and promoting me with questions to help me investigate how I am living, how I can improve my life and my orgaisation in life. The sessions help me break things down, so I reduce and move away from overwhelm and procrastination. I am succeeding in areas where I have felt stuck and unable to get oragnaised. The sessions help me see things more clearly whilst giving me strategies to implement between sessions. Sally helps me set realistic small goals to help me achieve the bigger picture goals in the long run. I love how she helps me break things down into tiny steps to make it achievable and no step is too small to actually gain results for the long term. Sometimes I've been emotional as/and Sally acknowledges my current and past struggles with ADHD. Sally is very kind, understanding, compassionate person who has a calm reassuring presence. I highly recommend working with Sally to support you on your journey living with ADHD.'

Scott P

'I have seen many ADHD presentations over the years, but nothing moved me like Sally's. With a depth of knowledge, honesty and wealth of experience my teaching practices are far more inclusive, and I have Sally to thank for a most insightful, inspiring and memorable presentation.'

Kel C

'Sally understands ADHD and she cares. Both of which stand out in the insightful manner in which she gently challenages, supports and resources people towards living their best life. Working with her has not only helped me to understand my ADHD-self better, my limitations and strengths, I've also come away with additional tools that help me to manage life more effectively. This is translating into a less chaotic and cluttered home, better management of health, improved relationships and best of all, for me anyway, small daily dopamine hits. Thank you so much Sally!'

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