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ADHD Coaching is a partnership between a person living with ADHD and a coach with specialised ADHD training and knowledge. It is designed to help you identify goals or areas in your life you wish to make changes in and, to find practical and manageable strategies that work for you to make these changes.

With specialised ADHD training a coach can assist you to have a better understanding of ADHD and how it may be impacting your life, while sharing ADHD friendly tips to make managing your life easier.

Coaching is client-driven, non-judgmental and confidential.

ADHD Coaching can help you find your own unique way of living and thriving with ADHD



What is ADHD Coaching and how can it assist?

What is the difference between ADHD coaching and generalist coaching?

Both a generalist and ADHD coach will have training in coaching, but an ADHD coach will have undertaken specific study in ADHD giving them knowledge to understand the challenges people with ADHD may face that can hold them back or impact them reach their goals.

Many strategies used by generalist coaches are not user friendly to the ADHD brain and simply don't work.  Generalist coaches will have little or no understanding of how ADHD impacts executive function in areas liking working memory, focus, distraction or emotional regulation and can leave a person with ADHD feeling like they have failed at coaching, like they believe they have in so many areas of their life.  An ADHD coach however has an understanding of how the ADHD brain works and has tools and work arounds that can engage and compliment the unique workings of an ADHD brain.  

 Can I access NDIS funding due to having ADHD?

Unfortunately, on its own ADHD is not usually covered by NDIS.  You may be able to access NDIS if ADHD occurs alongside another condition such as autism or a learning disability.

Can I claim coaching sessions on Medicare or through private health insurance?

No, ADHD coaching is neither covered by Medicare or private health insurance.

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